How to Share the Petition With Facebook Friends (Without a Call From Mom)

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It’s Louisiana, we get it. In the South, we are closer knit than most communities, but that doesn’t mean that you want to upset your mom or your boss by encouraging your friends to help the Legalize It Louisiana movement. One of the downfalls of social media is the lack of context of a “like” or a “share” that can get you into unwanted discussions with family or co-workers about what you have chosen to post on your page.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this, and we need your help to spread the word about our petition. For every one petition signed, we are one step closer, but for every share we get on Facebook, you are helping us to reach hundreds of thousands more Louisiana citizens who can also sign the petition.

To share a message with a specific audience, type out your message the way you normally would for a status update. Beneath your message is a button to “send” on the right and a drop down menu that says “friends” on the left. Click the drop down arrow, scroll down to “more options,” and click the gear icon that says “custom.” This will open a new window that will give you two custom options for your audience. The first choice will allow you to type in the name of only the friends you want to share your message with. The second choice will allow you to share with all of your friends except for the names you type in. This is a great choice if you just want to filter out certain recipients.

Lastly, be sure to put a link to our website and encourage your friends to sign the petition. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the positive response we have received. We cannot accomplish our goals without your help, and we thank you for taking the time to help us spread the word. Give Louisiana the freedom to prosper.